New fuel cell system ' electricity arouses with only water, oil'

Genepax Co Ltd explained that the technologies in its new fuel cell system " were used, water energy system (WES), " why water is used as fuel and non-CO2-serie.

The system is possible the production of energy, particularly by supplying water and ventilates to the fuel and lucht-elektroden, and the company said place in Osaka auditorium during the press conference, 12 June 2008.

The basis for electricity induction mechanism of the new system is that of a normal fuel cell seems on hydrogen as fuel. According to Genepax the most important characteristic of the new system, which the company ", is; use de-elektrode (MEA), a material that concerning the partitioning of water in hydrogen and oxygen by means of a chemical response able is.

Although the venture concerning the details, " revealed; followed with a process confessed, with a view to hydrogen produce water to the MEA, " the company ' said Kiyoshi Hirasawa; s-president.

This process the mechanism has been supposedly produced similar with hydrogen by means of a response of the Metallhydrids and water. But it is expected in comparison with the current method, the new process that hydrogen water for a long time to produce, thus the company. With the new process must cell only water and ventilates and eliminates the need for reformer hydrogen and oxygen through a chemical reaction. Moreover the MEA are no specific catalysts, and the required quantity of rare metal if platinum has been said almost the same as those of the existing systems, Genepax.

In contrast to direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC), the methanol as fuel uses the new system radiates niet-CO2. Moreover it according to the expectations a longevity is, because the catalytic reduction (poisoning) does not square caused by Co on the fuel magnet acts. Considering there has been only something more than one year since the prototype automobile the company has been of plan more collect data concerning the life span of the product.

On the conference, Genepax a fuel cell pile with a taxable capacity of 120W and a fuel cell system with a taxable capacity of 300W. Demonstration cell pile of fuel 120W first supply of water had been used by dry an cell batterij-aangedreven pump. After energy it has been generated, has been processed, whereas a passive system with the pump abstellte.

This time was it the voltage 25-30V. Because the battery of 40 warrants, which are integrated for their part, is that each cell question 3W or higher, the tension has been approximately expected 0.5-0.7V and current is approximately 6-7A. Energy compactness is no less than probably 30mW/cm2 is, because the response of the cell of 10 x 10 cm.

Meanwhile the cell system of the fuel 300W is an active system, water and ventilates, with a pump provides. In demonstration Genepax drove televisie-en reduction equipment, with lood-zuur-batterijen, which he was used at the expense of the system. Additionally, the system 300W must in the luggage space of a compact electric carrier " necessary, Reva" produced with the car product Co Ltd Takeokamini and the volume had been really floated by the system.

Genepax first plans to develop a system 500W, but became the material for MEA at the moment and finished supply, concerning the top, then he formed a system 300W.

Although the future of the venture of plan is, 1kW-class in electric and in the houses production for use to supply. In place, electric bray with this system to control, only already the venture expects this place to use as a generator to other battery(secondary), in the electric makers uses.

Although the production costs z.Z. of ¥ 2,000,000 (US $ 18522) can be brought back, to ¥ 500000, or lower as Genepax with mass production follows. The company believes that fuel cell system with residential solar cell can systems compete with if the costs at this level can be brought back.

Source: Tech-on

Mindset Photos

Mindset Photos
Here's the photos of electric car(hybrid car) - mindset which are we've found.

Mindset as a status symbol

"Everything plastic," says Schmid today about the attempts to put people at the end of last century, the electric propulsion for themselves. The mindset, a concept car with an electric motor to ennoble status symbol. That levy Günak Schmid and even the claim that the battery technology, until now the Achilles heel of the electric drive as far to have a grip that the cars everyday.

Apart from the design model in the display case stands in Schmid's garage also a so-called test-bed consisting of engine, chassis, wheels, steering wheel and seats. That leaves Daniel Buchter, chief of technology, and he demonstrated with a short rehearsal ride the tremendously strong acceleration of the car. "We give under seven seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, but there are more under six," he says. And pressure on the return trip, when it goes downhill, with the left foot a special pedal. "Recuperation," he says, Bremsenergierückgewinnung. Who is this pedal, the ride slowed and makes 100 horsepower engine generator, which fills the batteries. Consistent use could recuperation by the driving range by 50 percent extended.

"We give 100 kilometer range," says Lorenzo Schmid, "but there will be more." That mindset could be interesting for the many people who are not on the day more than 100 km ride - who need more coverage, gets a twin-cylinder Motor gasoline supplied.The drives with 26 hp not the car, but invites the batteries. "It can be stored in the garage and an easy and expand," says Günak.

This is really new mindset on the concept. The idea of the so-called plug-in hybrid, an electric car with a combustion engine as a generator, on the other hand, have also been others. General Motors wants to 2011 on the market, Volvo has shown a prototype, and the most beautiful of all plug-in hybrids, the four sports sedan karma by Henrik Fisker. The Dane is a designer as Murat Günak, he was at BMW and Aston Martin, before he was made independently. Now he has finished his car was unveiled, the 2009 for 80,000 dollars on the market.

With the sale price of the mindset, which also start 2009, it is still against such a thing: 30,000 euros Günak times Murat had said what was unwise. "I must now withdraw." He speaks of new financing models, which suggests to expensive leasing, and then eventually called Lorenzo Schmid but a new number: 50,000.

A high price for a small car, but Schmid passionately denies this. "It has been in the last ten years, some 100,000 light electric vehicles sold, which were all technical cripples." Because it will be possible, with a right good car to have success. In any case, the car something special: with a lightweight aluminum frame, only 800 kilo weight. Narrow 155 tires for low rolling resistance. Aerodynamic tricks like the tail is rejuvenating. And - Günak(car designer) shows it with a smile - a green light at the end of the 4.20-meter-long cars. "The lights when the car goes electric."

Now it says to find a partner for the production, 10,000 cars per year if he can build. Still, there is no name, only negotiations. But both Günak and Schmid, it is noted that they and their ideas up front, and that the industry prefers the word zuriefen Gorbachev, according to the will of life be straft who come too late. But Murat Günak says nothing bad about others.

Mindset will move the world

It is a sunny, cold day in St. Niklausen near Lucerne. In the garden of a huge villa, to the shores of Lake Lucerne enough, there are two large air-conditioned showcases. This is to see what Günak in the past six months has made a car. But a quite different than all the previous models. Peugeot 206, Peugeot 307, Mercedes CLS, VW Eos, VW Tiguan - to name just a few drafts Günaks to name - have little to do with what was in the showcase. The new car is not just about driving, lost their good looks. "We are convinced that we are moving to something sustainable," says Günak.
In July 2007, as the experts are asked, where consolidated Günak car probably would be next to charter, which sent SpirtAvert AG, a Swiss investment company, a duty Communication: You have the mindset AG, whose aim is alternative vehicle concepts. And SpirtAvert boss Lorenzo Schmid (47) was succeeded Günak as Chairman of mindset to win.

This is guaranteed two things: attention and seriousness. Günak is known among Europe's automotive designers, it is one of the stars, although this term he himself would reject modest. But exactly that Schmid has brought him. Lorenzo Schmid, 1.94 meters long, 110 kilograms, as he himself repeatedly stressed, is the exact opposite of Günak: Big, loud, stirring - in ancient Rome he would have on the forum career. He is accustomed to convince work to do, what to professional image of the financial investor, he talks, talks, talks, while only Günak and something to say.

Both scenario looks like this: The price of oil is barely under control. And it could be for the auto industry will soon be uncomfortable, because cars with petrol or diesel drive, are not the solution. Instead, it is the mindset. "Mindset is attitude," says Schmid.
The mindset is an electric car. However, not one of the variety, the image of the battery-powered vehicles have been marked. Schmid was the end of the 90-year responsible for the three-e-Twike model, of which only 850 were sold.

Mindset: Ex-VW-built electric car(hybird car) designer to specify

Until a year ago was Murat Günak chief designer of the Volkswagen Group. Now, he is building a new type of electric car(hybrid car) named Mindset that looks good and no rolling waiver should be, but a status symbol. If all goes well, could the new car revolutionize the industry.